Welcome to Westgate Animal Hospital & Emergency Clinic

The office carries a full line of Maintenance diets, prescription diets, dog & cat treats, pet care products, household products for pet parents, & a variety of flea and tick solutions; available by prescription and over the counter.


We are also equipped with a full line of diagnostic testing devices, and have a convenient in-house pharmacy; which allows us to fill prescriptions that have been requested by the attending veterinarian, at the same time as the initial visit (in most cases).
Our goal is to make visits to the vet easier for both you and your loving companions!

Dr. Kamal Walia

Dr. Kamal Walia has been practicing Veterinary Medicine for 44yrs and has been servicing the North Tacoma area as a local veterinarian for well over 31 years. He specializes in General Surgery and routine exams, as well as Orthopedic surgeries, emergency medicine, and critical care.

He is an
expert in small companion animals and is experienced in all canine and feline breeds.

Dr Kamal Walia


No nonsense experienced veterinary care. This place is affordable because the vet is experienced and smart enough to make diagnoses without dozens of expensive tests. He knows what he is doing and offers sensible solutions. I have been bring pets to Dr. Walia since 2001. Over the years I have brought in four dogs and three cats.

Kirk Buhne

I love this vet. My pets come first. I have been going there for about 2 years now. All I have seen there is caring and straight up good care for my animals. I had one of my yorkies fall and break her little leg. The vet had me bring her right in and did her surgery right away. When I just called I did not have to even say my name. I said Hi this is Kai's mommy and I need to bring her in today. They knew who I was and made my appt. Love the staff there

JoanNa Geinzer