Don’t let fleas get the best out of you or your beloved pet this year!!

In this area of Washington we tend to battle fleas year round because of our mild weather conditions.

One of the biggest complaints we hear each year, especially in summer and fall are about flea allergies.  It doesn’t take an infestation to make your pet uncomfortable.  Some pets only need one flea bite to cause severe discomfort, excessive itching/chewing, skin lesions, and infections. Keeping your pet’s treated year round with preventative flea medication will not only keep them happier, but it also prevents parasites like ugly Tapeworms!  These products are sold over the counter at our office individually or in packs of four.  One dose lasts for up to 4 weeks to keep flea’s from having a biting chance.  We’ve come along way from flea collars that don’t work, toxic pet sprays that not only harm the animal, but aren’t even the slightest bit effective, and messy powders that along with the sprays can cause toxicity and emergency pet visits.  Come in and check us out for all your Flea & tick needs!  We carry solutions for the home as well that are SAFE & EFFECTIVE!